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Why using Hyundai Genuine Parts is the best choice?

January 12, 2022
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The market for pirated parts for excavators has grown in recent years, with it becoming more and more possible to get non-genuine replacement parts.

It’s always tempting to get anything cheap.

But is it really worth? Have you ever wondered how the productivity and resale value of your excavator can get largely affected by use of these cheaper pirated parts? Is there anyone to hear you in case something happens to the excavator by using these pirated parts?

We will try to explore some practical points on why Hyundai Genuine Parts and Lubricants is the best choice.

1. Are Genuine Parts Really Costly?

Are genuine parts really costly

Let us first understand why a customer looks out for pirated or non-genuine parts. The primary reason is in “saving” money. The word of mouth is sometime so strong that users just assume genuine parts are costlier than counterfeit ones and do not even cross check the prices with the Hyundai authorized dealers. It's worth noting that genuine parts often aren’t as expensive as you might expect. Hyundai is aware and sensitive to the need of our customers and our parts are very competitively priced. It can be a pleasant surprise to get a good price of genuine parts from authorized Hyundai dealers.

And you only pay for the part – “peace of mind” comes complimentary.

2. Lower Cost of Ownership

Lower cost of ownership

With diesel becoming costlier it is of prime interest for a customer to keep the fuel economy at best. It is often found that using pirated parts causes internal disturbance in the complex technical system of the excavator and increases resistance or load on the machine components. This not only reduces the life of critical components but also eats up more diesel to overcome the additional resistance. This offsets the apparent lucrativeness of cheaper pirated parts by increasing total cost of ownership.

3. Best Fit

Best Fit

Hyundai’s world class R&D has done elaborate study on each piece that makes up your excavator. Various physical parameters like operating temperature, pressure, tolerances, forces on every component were analyzed for designing the optimum part that exactly is the best “technical” fit for your excavator. It is neither oversized nor undersized. On the other hand, the pirated parts are often targeted for a larger audience, on a broader spectrum of machines and lacks the extensive research inputs of OEM. In simple word Hyundai excavator parts are best fit and pirated excavator spare parts are a misfit. The pirated excavator parts supplier tries to mislead users by glorifying any under or oversize feature falsely claiming that they benefit the machine user. Many do get mislead by such propaganda and go for the pirated parts. But in long run it damages the machine and increase downtime.

4. Latest Updated Parts

Latest updated Parts

The continuous investment in R&D brings in innovative ideas and solution. There are numerous examples of product improvements and change in components and assemblies to improve the performance of the machines. The pirated parts suppliers are not privy to such information. Neither are they investing time or money on improving performance of the machine. This deprives users of the latest updates and developments if they are not in touch with Hyundai authorized dealers network. Hyundai dealers always maintain stock of the latest updated parts and inferior versions are taken out of the system.

5. Warranty


Hyundai provides 3-6 months warranty on the replacement parts. That’s called parts warranty. In case of unfortunate failures within this time frame, Hyundai provides the warranty replacement of the part. It is most unlikely that pirated supplier supports warranty of parts and does not take any responsibility of the damage caused on the excavator due to fitment of the non-genuine part. Non-genuine parts may make your entire warranty void, particularly if the pirated components go on to cause issue with the rest of the equipment. Hyundai in their genuine parts pricing passes a miniscule of warranty cost on the parts price. But is not that worth and logical? Many a times we come across cases of severe damage of the equipment due to use of pirated parts, but it’s too late then and unfortunately the user ends up paying hefty repair amount or decide to live with a lower performing machine.

6. Safety


Human life is most precious. Hyundai never compromise on safety of operator or helpers in designing the equipment even it costs a bit higher. Pirated parts can be of poor quality, and poor quality poses a risk. Genuine Parts reduces risk not only for human but the machine as a whole. Fitting a counterfeit part in excavator can cause damage to other components, and even damage the machine as a whole. Beyond this, it can also lead to control failure and even fire hazards if there’s an issue with electrical parts.  Hyundai Genuine Parts are tested to the highest quality standard, uses best available materials and conforms to the design specification of the R&D. In nutshell, NO COMPROMISE WITH SAFETY.

7. Higher Resale Value

Would you be willing to pay higher for a car maintained well, regularly serviced through authorized dealers, fitted with the right parts and driven with care? Will you be willing to pay same price for a car not serviced regularly, had accidents, fitted with local parts and maintained poorly? Same is the case for our excavators. We have seen a gap as high as 30%-40% in resale value of the excavators that are backed up with data of genuine parts usage and periodic maintenance. In many cases prospective buyer puts precondition on seller to produce genuine parts invoices from Hyundai authorized dealers. This disadvantage is not visible at the time of fitting counterfeit parts but gets glaringly prominent at the time of resale. Using non genuine part is a habit. It’s easy to get into the habit but very difficult to come out of it.

8. All India Reach, Availability and Hyundai Add Ons

All India reach, availability and Hyundai add ons

Hyundai authorized dealer network in India is spread across cities and small towns all over India. With 65 dealers and 200+ outlets, the parts are available right at the place of happening. Not only that, with the standardized operating procedure you will enjoy similar experience all across our outlets where the language of PART NUMBER is understood by all. Trained technicians and experienced parts personnel are ready and eager to assist you 24X7. It is our duty to give you the right part at right price.

Throughout the year Hyundai runs attractive schemes for customers that may amaze you. Our HyValue app provides digitized invoices for you to track purchase trend, avail offers and get important notifications and updates on Hyundai Genuine Parts and Lubes. The app now hosts more than 10,000 customers and list is growing fast.

Hyundai also understands the credit need of our customers and came up with the most innovative credit program in association with ICICI Bank with 30+18 days interest free credit period, virtual access, accepted across all 65 dealers of Hyundai and giving you ample credit limit to purchase Hyundai Genuine Parts and Lubricants.


Abhishek Shukla

Assistant Manager

Abhishek is the assistant manager at Hyundai Construction Equipment India, with over 6+ years of experience in the excavator manufacturing industry. Abhishek is involved in making the digital marketing strategies, designing and managing product campaigns and is an expert in handling website design, development and SEO for Hyundai CE website.

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