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Get optimum performance at the best price by choosing genuine hoses, seal kits, lights, hydraulics parts, pins and bushes for your Hyundai machine.

Hydraulic Pump

  1. Withstand high speed fluctuations resulting in smooth and safe operation


  1. Made from good quality rubber, extremely flexible
  2. Can withstand high burst pressure
  3. No internal or external cracks, thus no erosion

Pins & Bushes

  1. Inner core is refined via heat treatment, which helps it to withstand impacts, shocks and prevent deformation
  2. Low wear-out rate and long life
  3. Prevents shock transfer during machine working

Main Control Valve

  1. Optimized oil path design to reduce noise and drops in pressure
  2. Flexible configuration allows for multiple function and control options along with high response speed

Seal Kits

  1. Seal & O Rings do not flatten, thus preventing leakage
  2. Retain flexibility, fit perfectly into grooves and do not loosen over time.


  1. From solenoid valves to harnesses or a full dashboard, we make sure all parts are in stock to keep the downtime of your machine to a minimum

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