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Things to know before buying Hyundai Special attachments

October 12, 2021
Things To Know Before Buying Hyundai Special Attachments

Indian construction equipment Industry is among the largest market in the world and is growing rapidly. If we look ahead, Infrastructure development is one of the major focus of the current Indian government. National Infrastructure Pipeline is the Government of India’s ambitious roadmap to make India a 5 trillion-dollar economy by 2024-25 by spending 102 lakhs in infrastructure projects. Further, the recently announced National Monetization Pipeline, which is an asset monetization mechanism of the Central public sector, the government is expected to generate 6 lakh crores between 2021-2024, this will further increase government expenditure on infrastructure development. This is evident from various new projects announcement in sectors like roads, Irrigation, railway, energy, ports. Along with conventional projects special initiatives such as smart city projects, vehicle scrappage policy will increase demand for specialized machines and attachments.

Hyundai is a formidable player in the construction equipment industry with a Leading No-2 position in Excavator attachments in India, with over 25000+ units working all across the country, ranging from 3T to 48T. At Hyundai we are committed to Innovation in products, services and customized solutions, to make our customers much more profitable with us. We have various types of attachments like Buckets, Rock Breakers, Super Long Fronts, Drills etc to support a variety of applications. As the market is growing, manual labor availability & projects deadline remains one of the major challenges for our customers. To meet the customer needs and in line with our mission “Innovation with Sustainable growth” Hyundai has added an additional range of 3 new special attachments like “Quick Coupler, Clamshell and Orange Grapple.”

Rock Breaker

Hyundai Rock Breaker

Rock breaker is one of the most popular excavator attachments in India. The way Indian infrastructure is growing, demand for rock breaker continues to grow. Hyundai Rock breakers are suited to fit compact size excavators ranging from 8 ton to 50 ton and we are continuously working towards adding more breakers in our portfolio. Hyundai Rock Breakers are equipped with Larger Chisel diameter, best in class power to weight ratio results in excellent productivity. Along with Hyundai excavator, Hyundai Rock Breakers can also be customized to other manufacturer excavator as well.

Quick Coupler- HQC220

Hyundai Quick Coupler- HQC220

Quick Coupler is second most popular attachment after rock breaker in India. Shortage of manual labour and aggressive project timeline has been major driver for growth in Quick Coupler Industry. Hyundai quick coupler allows operator to change attachments from cabin, with in a minute. Hyundai quick coupler is globally proven and one of the most popular quick couplers being used in the market. It has proven twin lock design and advance power latch technology. It is made from single piece high tensile casted steel with light weight and exceptional strength and excellent durability.

If we talk about future potential, Currently Indian Quick Coupler Industry is only 5% of total excavator sale compared to 95% sales in developed countries like the USA, Europe Australia, we can expect huge growth potential in India.

Clamshell Bucket- HCB220

Hyundai Clamshell- HCB220

Clamshell is extremely popular for various material handling applications such as Coal, Iron ore clinker, Limestone, clinkers, fertilizers etc. Hyundai Clamshell is a quite rugged design made from a combination of Hardox Steel plates & Heavy-duty cylinders. It comes with a 360-degree rotation with a speed controller for higher production. It is fully automated and all operations can be controlled by the operator from cabin itself.

Hyundai Clamshell is specially designed considering Indian customer expectation, application and duty cycle. Currently Hyundai is offering clamshell for 20T class excavator however we are working on developing for other class of excavator as well.

Orange Grapple- HGB220

Orange Grapple- HGB220

Orange grapple is getting popular in India specially for scrap handling in various industries. Recently Indian government has announced “New Vehicle Scrappage Policy “which will further boost demand for specialized scrap handling attachment such as orange grapple. Orange Grapple is also being used in Steel Industry, Municipal corporation, Waste handling, general construction to handle scraps and getting more popular.

Hyundai Grapple specially designed for Indian customers & Application has heavy duty- 5 tins design, Hardox plates and cylinders, for longer life. It also comes with the 360-degree rotation, with speed controller, controlled from operator cabin for better production. Currently Hyundai is offering orange grapple for 20T class excavator however we are working on developing for other class of excavator as well.


Ashwani Tiwari

Deputy Manager

Ashwani is the Deputy Manager at Hyundai Construction Equipment India, with over 12+ years of experience in the Construction Equipment industry. Ashwani is involved in new product and attachment strategy & marketing, market research & business development of new rebuild excavator (XL) series

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