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Genuine Hygen lubricants by Hyundai are not merely oils or greases. Our wide range of lubricants has been specifically made to ensure maximum performance and smooth operations, all the while reducing fuel consumption and extending your equipment’s lifetime. Use nothing but genuine Hyundai lubricants to get the best out of your Hyundai equipment.

Hygen Hydraulic Oil

  1. Formulated with high-quality mineral oils
  2. Contains performance-oriented anti-wear, rust and oxidation inhibitors
  3. Reduces wear of hydraulic pumps and moving components
  4. Provides total hydraulic system protection
  5. Peak performance at all times
  6. Extends equipment life

Hygen Long Life Hydraulic Oil

  1. Premium high viscosity index anti-wear hydraulic oil for equipment with high performance pumps
  2. Effective anti-wear performance minimizes wear and prolongs equipment life
  3. Long fluid life extends drain interval
  4. Maintains viscosity even under extreme temperature

Hygen Grease

  1. Wide operating temperature range
  2. Good resistance to water washout
  3. Extra-protection against rust and corrosion
  4. Excellent structural stability

Hygen Engine Oil

  1. Made from premium base stocks blended with unique additive system
  2. Superior detergent and dispersant chemistry keeps the engine components clean and sludge free
  3. Extends drain interval
  4. Extends engine life

Hygen Gear Oil

  1. Protects against wear under all operating conditions including high torque (shock loading)
  2. Protects against rust and corrosion in wet operating conditions
  3. Provides outstanding thermal and oxidation stability
  4. Prevents sludge build-up and provides longer drain interval

Hygen Rock Breaker Grease

  1. Contributes to heavy and shock load protection
  2. Helps to provide robust water washout resistance
  3. Aids reliable rust and corrosion protection
  4. Assists low temperature pump ability performance

Hygen Reliable Coolant

  1. Fully formulated heavy-duty engine coolant for use in heavy-duty diesel engine.
  2. Gives excellent liner pitting protection.
  3. Long life engine coolant.
  4. Contains ethylene glycol and provides anti-freeze & anti-boil protection.
  5. Gives excellent protection from corrosion, scale & rust.
  6. Recommended for all types of radiators.

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