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CSR Initiatives

At HD Hyundai, we believe in giving back to the society.

This culture of participating passionately in various social initiatives drives us to go the extra mile in fulfilling the needs of different sectors of society. Till date, through our various initiatives, we have provided benefits pertaining to the sectors of Education, Health and Environment. Now, we are also focusing on integrated rural development programmes for empowering the unprivileged communities. HD Hyundai lives by the values of openness towards initiatives of cleanliness campaigns, helping drought-affected regions, flood regions, water conservation initiatives, disaster management help and other community development programmes.

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Highlights of CSR Initiatives

Tackling Societal Challenges
Tackling Societal Challenges

By supporting Orphanages & Old Age Homes with donations and clothes.

Tackling Societal Challenges
Solving Education Problems

By providing education aids, scientific material, sports material, kitchen utensils & groceries to schools for the blind, tribal schools & local village schools.

Tackling Societal Challenges
Providing Disaster Relief

By providing Hyundai Excavators for clearing the flood-affected locations and donating Relief Fund to the Chief Minister of Kerala for the 2018 Kerala floods.

Tackling Societal Challenges
Blood Donation Camp

Contributing towards healthcare by conduction of a blood donation camp at India Head Office & encouraging employees to donate blood.

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