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HX380L: The Best Mining Excavator for Marble and Granite Applications

April 7, 2023
HX380L: The Best Mining Excavator for Marble and Granite Applications

HD Hyundai Construction Equipment India is a leading manufacturer of construction equipment in India, offering a comprehensive range of products, including advanced hydraulic excavators and material handling equipment HD Hyundai Construction Equipment India has become a trusted name in the construction industry, focusing on providing reliable and high-performance equipment.

Selecting the right excavator for mining applications is crucial to ensure optimal productivity, safety, and efficiency. When mining marble and granite, the excavator's size, strength, and digging forces, are essential factors to consider. The right excavator should be able to handle the weight, size and hardness of the material being excavated.

The Hyundai HX380L is a crawler excavator that belongs to the HX series, designed and manufactured by Hyundai Construction. The HX 380L is a powerful and versatile machine suitable for various construction and mining applications. In this blog, we’ll explore what makes HX380L the best mining excavator for marble and granite application.

Features of HX 380L

1. Durability

Hyundai HX380L - Durability

HX380L has a heavy-duty undercarriage of 50T class excavator and a strong frame structure, ensuring robust performance in rough terrain. Such heavy-duty undercarriage supports the machine's operating weight and enables it to move over various terrain. It further enhances its overall performance and durability.

2. Fuel-Efficiency

Hyundai HX380L - Fuel-Efficiency

HX series excavators have been designed with high performance engines that prioritizes productivity, fuel efficiency along with mechanical and hydraulic operation. These systems work together to increase fuel efficiency by up to 12% compared to the previous series. Moreover, the HX series optimizes the pump flow rate by use of Intelligent Power Control (IPC) and allowing the operator to control two pumps independently. The flow rate settings are further optimized based on the attachment type, with ten options for each breaker types and crusher types.

3. Operator Comfort

Hyundai HX380L - Operator Comfort

Mining operations are some of the world's toughest activities, and ensuring minimum fatigue to the operator becomes a crucial objective. HX380L has a best-in-class, spacious, all around air-conditioned cabin ensuring the utmost comfort to the operator. It also features 8” Intelligent color digital cluster along with centralized switches that allows the operators to check, and manage all features of the machine essential for its trouble-free & smooth operation, and diagnostics.

4. Performance

HX380L has a bucket range of 2.1~ 2.3 m3 (GP) to excavate a large volume of Loose material, 1.62 m3 (RB) & 1.86 (HD) for Quarry & 1.44 m3 for Marble & Granite Applications. The 1.44 m3 size bucket is a Special Purpose Bucket specially designed for handling marble and granite blocks, while its hydraulics and attachments are designed to deliver exceptional working range and higher digging forces. It also has a Best in Class swing speed of 11.2 rpm and a tail swing radius of 3570 mm, ensuring lower cycle time and efficient operation. These features enables it to handle 20~ 25 ton block easily and efficiently.

5. Advanced Remote Management System (RMS)

Hyundai has developed a new remote management system called Hi-MATE, which utilizes GPS satellite technology to monitor and report real time machine performance and offer customers unparalleled service and product support. With Hi-MATE, users can remotely assess machine performance, access diagnostic data, and quickly confirm machine locations, all with the ease at your fingertips.

To Sum Up

All the above-mentioned features, like, Heavy-duty undercarriage and structures, high performance bucket range, Best in Class - Engine Torque, Pump Flow, Higher Working Range, Excellent Digging forces, Advanced Remote Monitoring, Enhanced comfort and fuel efficiency, makes HX380L a perfect choice for marble and granite mining and excavation operations. Since these operations typically take heavy-duty and robust machinery, HX380L becomes the right machinery compared to standard excavators available in the market, Hyundai HX380L excavator price makes it a wiser choice for mine owners.


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