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Frequently Answered Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Hyundai Construction Equipment

Is Hyundai Excavator available for free Demo ? How can I get it ?
Yes, Hyundai offers Product Demos for its customers. One can contact nearest authorised Hyundai Dealership to arrange Product Demo at your job site or can raise a Product Demo enquiry on Hyundai Website.
Do Hyundai provide it's excavators on rent?
Hyundai doesn't offer its excavator on rent however one can connect with nearest Hyundai authorised dealership
How can I buy Hyundai excavator ?
You can visit our neareast dealership by using dealer locator. Raise an enquiry on Hyundai Website or Give a call on our toll free number 1800 209 8600.
In how many days I will receive my machine once my order is confirmed ?
Machine delivery will depend on machine delivery location, you can connect with our sales executive for your machine delivery status once your order is confirmed.
What are the different financing options available with Hyundai ?
Hyundai has tie up with major financing institutions & NBFCs in India to facilitate its customers for easy funding. For more details, Kindly connect with your nearest authorized dealership.
How can I contact my nearest dealership ?
You can give a call on our toll free number 1800 209 8600 or Visit our Website to reach out your nearest dealership.
Can I sell my used machine and buy a new one ?
One can sell their used excavator and buy a new Hyundai Excavator under Hyundai's "Used Equipment Exchange Program". For more details, contact your nearest dealership or Call on our toll free number 1800 209 8600.
How can I buy Hyundai Genuine Parts ?
One can visit nearest Hyundai Authorised delaership by using dealer locator. Raise an enquiry on Hyundai HyValue App, Hyundai Website or Give a call to our toll free number 1800 209 8600.
How can I get the information about latest offers/ schemes and products launched by Hyundai ?
One can visit Hyundai Website, follow Social Media Pages and give a call on our Toll Free number 1800 209 8600. Also, You can contact your nearest authorised dealership for detailed information.
How much machine warranty is offered on Hyundai Excavator ?
Standard Warranty offered on Hyundai Excavator is 3000 hrs from date of commissioning or 1 year from date of Sale. Also, We have extended warranty programs, one can get detailed information from your nearest dealership.
Where can I get the price of Hyundai Excavator ?
You can get the best price of Hyundai Excavators by visiting and connecting with your nearest authorised Hyundai CE India dealership.
Do Hyundai Deliver Parts on site ?
Yes, Hyundai deliver parts on site on case to case basis. One can contact Hyundai Regional Parts Manager or Your nearest dealership to avail the delivery option.
Do Hyundai sell used Excavator ?
Hyundai has XL series of Value for money products - which are Rebuilt machines at Hyundai facility and backed with Warranty and Financing options.
How can I get my Hyundai excavator serviced ?
You can visit your neareast Hyundai authorised dealership by using a dealer locator. You can give a call on Hyundai toll free number 1800 209 8600, raise an enquiry on Hyundai Website and Hyundai Customer First App to register your service request. For Customer First App registration, Pls contact your nearest dealership.
Do Hyundai CE India sell its excavator outside India ?
Hyundai CE India sell it's excavator through its authorised dealership in India as well as in SAARC countries. i.e., Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Srilanka. However, Hyundai CE India Excavators are also exported to 15 countries in Asia, MEA, & African countries through Hyundai HQ authorised overseas dealerships.
Do Hyundai provide its excavator on Lease ?
Hyundai offer multiple solutions to its customers by various schemes for more information one can contact Hyundai or its authorised dealership. Leasing option will be evaluated case to case by Authorised dealership.

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