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Genuine Hyundai Engine Parts ensure that the engines in your machines perform at their best and deliver a ‘no compromise’ performance always. They have been developed with the latest technology till date and meet our high quality standards.

Engine Oil Filters

  1. Maximize engine’s performance by removing soot and wear off particles from the engine system
  2. Prevent water ingression
  3. Remove entrained water through filter media

Engine Bearings

  1. Made with soft embed-resistant materials
  2. Carry resultant high torque load at higher RPMs
  3. Improve cost efficiency
  4. Increase engine life

Cylinder Valves

  1. Made with seat face strain hardening & stem surface treatment
  2. Enhance seat wear endurance
  3. Reduce wear

Pistons & Cylinder

  1. Made of high quality cast aluminum alloy
  2. Excellent and lightweight thermal conductivity
  3. No loss of compression, lower noise and longer life
  4. Maximum combustion and low lubrication oil consumption


  1. High-temperature bearings for long life
  2. High-temperature insulation
  3. Protection against water splash and dust ingress
  4. Long brush life


  1. High power with great efficiency
  2. Wide flow range
  3. Higher boost pressures at low engine speed

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