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The Orange Grapple is gaining traction in India, particularly for scrap handling across diverse industries. The recent introduction of the "New Vehicle Scrappage Policy" by the Indian government is poised to amplify the need for specialised attachments like the orange grapple. Featuring a robust 5-ton design and 360° rotation, this grapple offers precise control and exceptional performance. Crafted from durable Hardox material, it guarantees reliability and longevity. Operators command operations effortlessly from the cabin, with speed control optimising productivity.

It offers robust performance and durability with a heavy-duty 5-ton design, Hardox material construction, and a complete 360-degree clock and anti-clock rotation. With a capacity of 0.8 m³, it can handle excavators weighing between 20 and 24 tons. Equipped with complete operation control from the cabin and speed control for enhanced productivity, the HGB220 ensures efficient and precise material handling.

Heavy-duty 5 Tons Design

This design ensures optimal strength and durability for efficiently handling heavy loads. Additionally, the design's innovative features ensure seamless operation and precise control, allowing for the efficient and easy handling of heavy loads.

360°Clock and Anti-clock Rotation

This Attachment offers full rotation capability in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. This feature enhances operational flexibility and efficiency, allowing operators to handle materials from any angle with ease and precision.

Perfect Solution for Scrap Handling

Orange Grapple offers exceptional performance and precise control, thereby augmenting operational efficiency. It is an ideal solution for scrap handling tasks, ensuring optimal results in various operational contexts.

Hardox Material for Reliability and Longer Life

Crafted from Hardox material, this Orange Grapple guarantees exceptional reliability and longevity in challenging work environments. This high-quality material enhances durability, reducing downtime for maintenance and ultimately optimising productivity on the job site.

Full Operation Control from Cabin

Operators enjoy complete command of operations from the comfort and safety of the cabin. This feature not only increases efficiency but also minimises the risk of accidents by keeping operators protected from potentially hazardous work areas.

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