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Hyundai Clamshell is a game-changer in material handling, meticulously engineered for unparalleled versatility. Its rugged design, forged from Hardox steel plates and heavy-duty structures, ensures unmatched durability and reliability from coal to iron ore and beyond. With heavy-duty pins, spring steel bushes, and cylinders, this robust equipment ensures prolonged bucket life, providing outstanding value. Crafted to surpass Indian customer expectations, the Hyundai Clamshell establishes a benchmark for performance and innovation.

Designed for efficiency and precision, the HCB220 features a 360-degree rotation with a speed controller, providing operators with complete control and flexibility during material handling tasks. Whether you're working with coal, iron ore, clinker, or fertiliser, this clamshell bucket is ideally suited to handle a variety of materials, making it a reliable asset across different industries.

Heavy duty cylinder

Equipped with a heavy-duty cylinder for robust performance, ensuring durability and reliability in heavy-duty operations. This ensures consistent performance even under extreme conditions, guaranteeing uninterrupted workflow.

360°-clock and anti-clock rotation for operation efficiency

Offers 360° clock and anti-clock rotation capabilities, enhancing operational efficiency and flexibility in material handling tasks. This allows for seamless manoeuvrability, enabling operators to reach and handle materials from any angle effortlessly.

Handle different types of material

Designed to handle various materials, including light, smooth, and abrasive materials, with ease and precision. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from construction to landscaping, with exceptional adaptability.

Hardox plates for longer bucket life

Hardox plates enhance durability and extend bucket life, ensuring long-term performance in demanding environments. This guarantees superior resistance to wear and tear, minimising maintenance needs and maximising uptime.

Full operation control from the cabin

Provides complete operational control directly from the cabin, offering operators convenience and efficiency. This enhances operator comfort and safety, allowing for seamless operation without the need for manual intervention.

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