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Hyundai R130 SMART: The Ultimate Excavator for Modern Construction

October 14, 2023
Hyundai R130 SMART: The Ultimate Excavator for Modern Construction

Excavators are some of the widely used equipment in the construction industry. Whether it’s applied in heavy lifting or hard earth digging, excavators play a crucial role since they are exceptionally versatile. However, as the scope of construction continues to grow along with various viability challenges, businesses must choose better and more efficient equipment.

One such equipment that stands the test of time and workload is the Hyundai R130 SMART excavator. With years of expertise in construction equipment and extensive R&D, we’ve developed this exceptional piece of machinery that is tailor-made for heavy-duty construction activities. This technologically advanced machine combines power, intelligence, and environmental consciousness (in terms of better fuel efficiency) to redefine the capabilities of modern excavators. In this blog, we will explore what makes R130 SMART a stand-out excavator in the market in this segment.

R130 SMART: Best 13 Ton Class excavator

1. High Power

High Power

The R130 SMART comes with a Turbocharged Kirloskar (KOEL) engine that produces a whopping power of 94 HP, highest in this category. Furthermore, it offers a 36.5 kgf.m (357.9 N.m) of torque. This turbocharged engine with high power & torque it offers excellent load carrying capabilities and superior efficiency in the long run.

2. High Productivity

High Productivity

Time bound contracts need highly productive equipment. Modern-day excavators must offer optimum productivity. The R130 SMART comes with a massive 0.65m3 bucket (one of the biggest bucket) with 5-tooth point, allowing you to perform rapid operations. The bucket is heavier & uses high-tensile strength steel for more durability. This excavator offers a high digging force, arm force and drawbar pull ensuring high productivity even in hard strata. Icing on the top, the working range of this excavator is one of the highest, ensuring minimum machine repositioning time, hence saves on fuel & time.

3. Excellent Fuel Efficiency

The computer-aided power optimization (CAPO) system based electro-hydraulic engine and pump mutual control, ensures high performance and low fuel consumption by minimizing the losses.

Furthermore, the dual deceleration system provides one touch deceleration helping in saving fuel when machine is idle. The 3-work modes (H,S,L) & breaker mode offer optimum power usage as per site requirement.

R130 SMART offers low maintenance cost because of longer extended maintenance intervals and rational parts pricing.

4. Swing Priority for Fast Loading

Swing Priority for Fast Loading

R130 SMART swing priority ensures a faster swing cycle, more useful when operator is doing combined operation. This ensures high productivity even during heavy-load operations. The arm regeneration system prevents cavitation and ensures smoother & faster operations. Moreover, the boom and arm holding system provides a safe working environment for the operator and prevents the attachment from drifting against prolonged overhang due to gravity.

5. Comfortable Cabin

Comfortable Cabin

Most of construction sites are very tough & rigorous, providing optimum comfort to the operator is imperative. The R130 SMART has a spacious cabin that creates a comfortable working environment for the operator. The multiple adjustments seat offers height movement, while the sun visor ensures complete visibility against glaring sun rays. Moreover, the advanced digital cluster offers simplified maintenance management with self-diagnostics to check machine health and helps in fast troubleshoot of problems.

6. Robust & Durable Structure

Robust & Durable Structure

R130 SMART comes with casted Bucket H-link and reinforced control link, ensuring durability in the machine even in tough strata. Since the H-link is casted and not fabricated, it functions as one unit limiting failure chances. The idler area reinforcement protects the idler from potential damage when navigating challenging terrains. A robust track shoe and optimum operating weight enhances stability and durability, enabling superior performance on demanding landscapes.

7. Superior Safety

The automatic engine overheat prevention actively tracks the coolant temperature and automatically derate engine & hydraulic power in case of overheating, effectively safeguarding the machine from premature failures. The anti-restart function acts as a safeguard against the engine starter from re-engaging while the engine is already running in case the operator inadvertently activates the start key.


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  • Irrigation
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Final Thoughts

As the construction industry continues to evolve, adopting machines capable of handling heavy-duty jobs and offering value for money is crucial in the long run. HD Hyundai Construction Equipment’s R130 SMART Excavator stands tall in the 13-ton excavator category offering advanced features, operational comfort, and superior performance in any terrain. Visit your nearest Hyundai dealership today to learn more about the Hyundai R130 SMART Excavator price, warranty, features, and other information for India.


Deepak Jindal

Product Marketing Manager

Deepak is the Senior Manager at Hyundai Construction Equipment India, with around 20 years of experience in the Construction Equipment industry. Deepak is involved in product marketing, product management and market research.

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