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Benefits of Hyundai's 14-Ton Excavator for Small and Medium-Sized Construction Projects

September 25,2023
The Benefits of the Hyundai 14 Ton Excavator for Small and Medium-Sized Construction Projects

Selecting the right excavator is crucial for any type of construction project or work site. Hyundai is one of India's top construction equipment manufacturers, offering a wide range of excavators designed to meet the demands of the construction industry. In the 14 Ton class segment, it offers the two highest-selling excavator models, R140LC-9 & R140LC-9V, for various small and medium-sized construction projects. In this blog, let's explore the benefits of the Hyundai R140LC-9 Excavator, an excavator designed to excel even in the most demanding environments.

Hyundai R140LC-9

Hyundai’s 14-Ton excavator offers impressive performance and user-friendly features for various excavation & mining operations. Its key highlights range from its longest & robust undercarriage to its fuel-efficient engine to electro-hydro controls for best output efficiency.

1. Longest Undercarriage and Rugged Front Attachment

Longest Undercarriage and Rugged Front Attachment

The R140LC-9 boasts the longest undercarriage in its class, providing exceptional stability and balance, ensuring smooth performance even on tough strata & uneven terrain. This helps operators to work confidently and precisely. The rugged undercarriage and front attachment enhance the machine's durability and extend its lifespan.

2. Powerful Engine

The R140LC-9 has a powerful turbocharged Kirloskar engine, delivering a gross power of 105 HP. This proven engine ensures maximum available power for hydraulic aggregates ensuring efficient digging & loading; to handle tough terrain and heavy loads. One of the most populated engines in this power range, it has a pan-India service & parts network. R140LC-9 is equipped with an advanced CAPO system that optimizes engine and pump power to the optimum level, reducing fuel consumption while maintaining high performance.

3. Biggest Bucket Capacity in its Class

Biggest Bucket Capacity in its Class

Hyundai R140LC-9 has the biggest bucket capacity in its class (0.72 ㎥ and 0.65㎥) which helps in minimizing the number of trips required, thus improving productivity, reducing time & effort and delivering the best efficiency. The bucket is fabricated and reinforced with high tensile strength steel resulting in high durability and long life.

4. Optimum Fuel Efficiency

R140LC-9 Excavator has multiple fuel-saving features such as Dual Deceleration, Fuel Saving kit, Eco Mode and Electro-Hydraulic Pump Control.

  • Dual deceleration gives the operator two options to choose for saving fuel when the machine is idle.
  • Fuel-saving kit monitors undue loads and helps cut down losses.
  • Eco Mode optimizes the engine for the best fuel efficiency.
  • Electro-Hydraulic Pump Control regulates the hydraulic flow, providing the right amount of power for efficient operation.

These features result in high fuel saving and lower operational costs.

5. Operator Comfort

Operator Comfort

R140LC-9 excavator’s cabin is designed considering the operator's comfort and convenience. It has the biggest cabin in its class with wide visibility and ample space for the operator to keep his belongings and perform operations peacefully. The cabin comprises of fully adjustable seat, air-conditioner and soft ergonomic controls to give the operator a comfortable working environment to perform continuous operations from 12-14 hours without any fatigue. The other operator-friendly features given in Hyundai R140LC-9 cabin are a music player, charging socket, RPM dial, digital colour cluster, sunroof, front cabin guard and sun visor.

6. Safety Features

The R140LC-9 is equipped with a host of safety features to safeguard its major aggregates and other components.

  • Automatic engine overheat prevention system monitors coolant temperature and in the event of overheating, automatically lowers the engine speed, safeguarding it from premature failure.
  • Anti-restart system to safeguard starter system.
  • Battery disconnect switch protects it from excessive drains during maintenance. Also, safeguards the electrical wiring & components.

7. High Operational Capability Even On Tough Strata

High Operational Capability Even On Tough Strata

The R140LC-9 excels in all challenging work environments. Its robust design, powerful engine, high digging forces and excellent maneuverability enable it to tackle tough terrains efficiently. The Power Boost feature helps in increasing the digging forces by 10% for a short duration to handle sudden loads. Whether working on rock surfaces or muddy areas, this excavator delivers consistent performance, maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime.

8. High on Performance Low on Maintenance

The R140LC-9 offers low per-hour maintenance expenses, with extended maintenance intervals for both the hydraulics and the engine, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. The hydraulic oil requires maintenance every 5000 hours* of operation, the hydraulic filter every 1000* hours, and the engine requires maintenance every 500 hours. (* for bucket operation).


The Hyundai R140LC-9 hydraulic excavator is a unique combination of power, efficiency, and durability to deliver outstanding performance in challenging construction and other excavation projects with optimum operating costs.

HD Hyundai Construction Equipment India is the manufacturer of Advance Hydraulic Excavators from the 3-50 Ton Class. If you are looking for a durable, reliable and efficient excavator in the 14-Ton range for your construction project, the Hyundai R140LC-9 is an excellent choice. Visit your nearest HCE dealership today to learn more about its price, warranty, features, and other information in India.


Deepak Jindal

Product Marketing Manager

Deepak is the Senior Manager at Hyundai Construction Equipment India, with around 20 years of experience in the Construction Equipment industry. Deepak is involved in product marketing, product management and market research.

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