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Dec 2017
Celebrating 11th Anniversary | HCE India
Hyundai Construction Equipment India launched a range of new products at EXCON 2017. Moving you further Hyundai Construction Equipment India, (HCEI), the number two domestic supplier of excavators in the country, showcased their technological prowess with their latest SMART Series of excavators during the recently held EXCON exhibition at Bengaluru. SMART series machines developed by Hyundai are a result of understanding customer needs and preferences in Indian market, many value-added features including fuel saving kit, improved operator comfort, and reinforcement of high stress areas on the machines, are added to enhance operational efficiency and profitability of customers. SMART is the acronym for Superior performance, Low Maintenance, Analytical capabilities, Enhanced Reliability and Advanced Technology. Hyundai Construction launched 3 new excavators at EXCON for the Indian market; R480 LC-9S is the fuel efficient, reliable, and safe solution, for OB (Over Burden) removal in coal mines, this 9 series global offering from HCEI ensures operational efficiency and profitability for mining contractors. R140 W-9S, 14 ton class wheeled excavator is the right solution for concrete laying for making concrete roads. Considering Government of India’s focus on concrete roads, this product will create a niche for itself in the market place with a a win–win solution to customers and Hyundai. R140 L SMART is a new product designed as per customer feedback and extensive research on their needs and preferences. It is equipped with SMART features including ‘Hi Mate’ and a 4 cylinder engine from Cummins. Its sleek design and low crawl height improves all around visibility, and wider track shoes make the machine more stable for tough works. “Hi-Mate,” was also launched at EXCON, Hyundai’s unique remote management system, an app based technology feature enabling customers to access machine control from hand held devices and take informed decisions to improve operational efficiency. “Launch of Global products to Indian market demonstrates our commitment of offering best technology and Customer supp or t to I nd ia n customers. We would keep on scanning the market for exploring the possibilities of customisation of our products for local needs,” assured Anup Nair, VP & Business Head, HCEI. “We would like to use the EXCON platform to showcase technological capabilities of Hyundai and offer relevant customization in available technology to the Indian customers with a focus to improve operational efficiency and productivity, adds Sharwan Agnihotri, Head Mktg & BD, HCEI According to Anup Nair, VP & Business Head, HCEI. “Expectations of Indian customers are going up day by day, so we are also scaling up. Customers want better reliability so we improved reliability features on our machines, customers want lower fuel consumption so we have put fuel saving devices o it reduces fuel consumption by over 5 per cent, customers want better operator comfort so we have added things for that as well, also they want better looks so we have improved our aesthetics. Customers want operating costs to be lesser so we have rationalised our spare part prices, we reduced prices by as much as 25 per cent. The next is touch points, we now have about 200 outlets spread across the country, last year it was around 140, so we are able to touch the customers better. So these are the things we are doing to make SPOTLIGHTPOST EXCON 2017 jANUARY 2018 |construction opportunities R140 W-9S R140 L SMART our customers more profitable,” says Nair, adding, “Customers make money, we make money.” “We want to be number one in the excavator segment with a 25 per cent market share. ‘Modern Premium Products from Hyundai,’ is the tagline for these products, and ‘Moving you further’ is the company tagline. That’s what we create, we try to think in these two directions. ‘Moving you further’ is not only for Hyundai, it’s for the Customer, for the Employee, for the Vendor, for the Dealer, for how Hyundai can help them to move up in the larger context. And that’s exactly what we look at when the management takes a decision and a policy is made, that’s the center point. How we can move them further, so that the Operator becomes a Customer, Customer becomes a Fleet owner, Fleet Owner becomes a Corporate Customer, and that’s how the whole chain moves. That’s why I said, we would like to include some non-customer today to customer name so that my market share goes up 25 per cent, because by fighting in the red ocean we cannot become number one, there are sharks in the red ocean. The good news is customers are ready to pay more for good quality, and that’s where my company comes in, you have heard Hyundai means ‘Modern,’ and we want to position our product as a ‘Modern Premium Product’ in India, so this is the tagline for our product. That’s why the name SMART came, which we have defined as a acronym SMART, for Superior performance, Low Maintenance, Analytical capabilities, Enhanced Reliability and Advanced Technology. We will work on these five parameters only. We have also launched the ‘remote management system’ for excavators, by which the cluster of performance indicators on the machine you can you can transfer it on the mobile and the customer can remotely manage his machines by sitting at home or office, we call this ‘Hi-Mate,’ the telematics service on our machines for customer use. According to Sharwan Agnihotri, Head Mktg & BD, HCEI India is being seen as low priced market every time, you talk to any European or American, he will say India is a low price market, but now India is having European and American cars, we have those brands. We value quality and now, but only thing is we are demanding in terms of ‘good value for money’ if I pay for this I should have this, and that’s where Hyundai’s strength comes in, because we are into technology, we are into heavy engineering so we have our expertise in all that, now all we have to do is synergize to create that kind of strength here,”. About Hyundai: Hyundai Construction Equipment India Pvt. Ltd. a subsidiary of Hyundai Heavy Industries, (Korea), has revolutionized the construction equipment business in India with its cutting edge technology in excavator market and aims to be the market leader in terms of customer delight and market share. It has grown to a position of strength in 8 years since its inception in 2008, to an admirable and enviable player in the construction equipment industry. Set up over a 50 acre land at Chakan near Pune in Maharashtra in a lush green surrounding with an investment of `400 crore, the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility boasts of Best-in-Class technology, churning out world class indigenous products ranging from 8 tonne to 51 tonne. Hyundai Construction Equipment India is headquartered in Pune and has four Regional Offices at Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Mumbai managing sales and service through its strong 30 dealerships and 180 plus touch points across every state in India. It also has 4 overseas dealers in Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka. The dealerships are aptly supported by sales and service centers ensuring customer centric service and maximum uptime to customers. Each region has a warehouse for its immediate requirement, whereas the mother warehouse in Pune works as a feeder.

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