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11th Annual Dealer Conference at Pattaya, Thailand

Feb 2024
Celebrating 11th Anniversary | HCE India

On 18th Feb 2024, HD Hyundai Construction Equipment India celebrated a momentous occasion. The company hosted its 11th Annual Dealer Conference, which was held in Pattaya, Thailand. Pattaya’s unique blend of Thai culture and lively nightlife truly made for a memorable setting for the conference.

The highlight of the conference was the participation of key stakeholders, including the Dealer Principal and Sales & Marketing Team, where Hyundai Management marked a milestone in HD Hyundai’s journey in India towards excellence. It served as an acknowledgement of outstanding success throughout 2023.

On 18th Feb 2024, HD Hyundai Construction Equipment India celebrated a momentous occasion.

As the conference unfolded in the morning, Global CSO Mr Song Heejon, along with Senior Vice President Kim Jaeuk, delivered an inspiring address, congratulating and cheering the esteemed stakeholders for their continuous efforts and diligence, which helped in achieving this milestone promptly.

As the conference unfolded in the morning.

Mr. Rajiv Chaturvedi, Vice President of HD Hyundai Construction Equipment India, shared insights on the company's current business situation and future plans during a presentation. He highlighted major achievements and outlined a vision for industry leadership by 2025, including implementing future-ready dealerships, business coaching, AI-driven digital marketing, and launching innovative products. His detailed presentation demonstrated the company's commitment to scaling business, adopting growth-centric strategies, and addressing challenges through effective systems, skilled teams, and a visionary approach, providing an ambitious roadmap for the coming year.

Following the Sales & Marketing and After Service & Parts presentations, we had the pleasure of attending the award night and Gala Dinner. The atmosphere was electric as we celebrated the phenomenal success of 2023. Pattaya's rich culture was on full display, with captivating performances that added to the night's sparkle and glamour. It was truly a night to remember!

Mr. Rajiv Chaturvedi, Vice President of HD Hyundai Construction Equipment India

The awards were conferred across a spectrum of categories, spanning from the pinnacle of Best Dealership to the zenith of Market Leadership, recognising excellence in Best Performance across various tonnages, as well as exemplary achievements in Spare Parts and Product Support. The distinction of the three Best Dealership awards was granted to Vrundavan Infra Equipments, Sai Supreme Equipments, and Shree Durga Construction Equipment Pvt Ltd.

The awards were conferred across a spectrum of categories Shree Durga Construction Equipment Pvt Ltd.

Pattaya's distinctive fusion of Thai culture and vibrant nightlife provided an enchanting backdrop for the conference, creating an indelible and memorable setting. Attendees were given the opportunity to explore the city's diverse attractions during an exhilarating city tour, participating in water sports and extracurricular activities such as Jet Ski and Deep Sea Walk at Coral Island. This allowed them to fully immerse themselves in the local culture, taking in the awe-inspiring sights of Big Buddha and the Naga stairways. The experience facilitated a unique bonding opportunity, enabling attendees to create unforgettable memories while appreciating the richness of Pattaya's cultural panorama.

HD Hyundai Construction Equipment India is driven by a passion for innovation and a desire to push boundaries. The company is constantly striving to defy limitations and bring humanity closer to the future. Through cutting-edge technologies and a focus on sustainability, the company is working towards building a comfortable tomorrow.


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