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March 04, 2022

Refurbishment simply means is to restore something similar to its original condition. Refurbishment process is also sometimes called as remanufacturing. If we talk about excavator, refurbishment consists of replacing and reassembling components to restore the machine to the original state of manufacturing.

The first step starts with an inspection of machine of visible points like visible cracks, leakages, Paint, Cabin, etc. Then all the major large value components are checked like Engine, Pump, Structure, undercarriage, etc

Generally, Refurbishment addresses every component of equipment: everything from basic aesthetic, operator comforts to major components. The ultimate goal is to provide solution to the customer by producing equipment that is as new as original.

1. Hyundai Refurbishment Center- A Worldclass Facility

Hyundai Refurbishment Center facility is designed as per Global Standard.

Hyundai Refurbishment Center is unique in the industry where in all refurbishment machines, aggregates are repaired by technician team of same expertise working on manufacturing assembly line.

In Refurbishment Center Hydraulic aggregates are Re-Conditioned & supplied to warehouses, dealers & customers which will help for quick restoration of break down equipment.

Hyundai also provides customized solution for old machine having functional issues as a package with special pricing and warranty on the old machine. This process gives new life to machines as well as it makes its customer more competitive in the market which further helps in making their project profitable.

2. Hyundai’s Capability, Infrastructure & Skills

State of the Art infrastructure with latest automated tools, and trained technicians and engineers supervised by Hyundai Engineers in carrying out the complete dismantling, inspection and assembly process.

All Re-Conditioned Machines & Components like structures go through rugged test to meet the stringent Quality Standards.

Hyundai Refurbishment center comes with cumulative 12+ years of experience with 40+ Technicians and 45 Senior Engineers who have rolled out more than 500+ Aggregates and Fabrication structures to meet the customer demands.

Successfully completion of 18 Refurbished machines over last 1 year that clocked more than 2000 + trouble free hours of operations amid Covid -19 restrictions under the supervision of Trained Dealer Service Team supported by Hyundai Regional Service teams.

3. Benefits To Customer

  • One stop solution for machine repair with customized package
  • Assured usage of Genuine spares & lubricants
  • Machines refurbished at same plant with same quality of work as on the new machine
  • Increase in life span of equipment by at least 4 -5 years
  • Financing options available by NBFCs & Large Private Banks
  • Added Feature of GPS is also available as optional, offered with “XL-Series” machine.

4. Success Story & Way Forward

Customer’s always have interest in this solution from OEM’s directly. Since, last 1 year there is tremendous growth in requirement, which is 2-3 fold increase and more customers approaching from entire India, who are ready to send their machines to Hyundai plant for complete refurbishment.

Till date there were no-organized players offering this solution and local market was catering to such demands from customer but now customer is ready to pay extra money compared to outside local market solution for a reliable solution from an OEM like Hyundai.

Expected growth for such solutions are seeing the volume increasing by 3 times in 2022 vs previous year. Hyundai has new workshop expansion plan which will be operational by March-2022.

Also Hyundai is getting continuous appreciation & validation from its Customers, Dealer partners & Finance Partners who have also visited the facility to witness the entire process as a part of Customer offering to them.

So, if you are in market for any refurbished excavator or looking for such solution, please get in touch our specialists for recommendation before making any choice.


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