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All you need to know about the Hyundai R150L SMART PLUS Excavator

May 16, 2024
All you need to know about the Hyundai R150L SMART PLUS Excavator

Choosing the right excavator is of paramount importance. Whether you're involved in land development, quarry works, construction, demolition, irrigation, or urban infrastructure operations, the excavator you select can significantly impact your project's efficiency and overall success. Enter the Hyundai’s R150L SMART PLUS excavator, a true powerhouse designed to excel in a wide range of applications.

This 15-ton excavator has been meticulously engineered to ensure maximum performance and ease of operation even in the most challenging environments.

With its impressive set of features, it stands as a reliable companion for the customers across various industries.

Features of the all new Hyundai R150L SMART PLUS excavator


1. Powerful Engine

Powerful Engine

The heart of the HD Hyundai R150L SMART PLUS excavator is its heavy-duty Turbocharged Kirloskar 4R1040T engine, which develops a gross power of 105 HP at 2,200 rpm. This robust engine not only delivers exceptional power but also promises low operating costs, reduced fuel consumption, and extended maintenance intervals of up to 500 hours.

2. Advance Hydraulics

Advance Hydraulics

The new generation hydraulics are designed to deliver high digging forces and fast loading cycles, making the excavator a perfect choice for demanding applications such as quarry works, land development, and other construction works. The premium hydraulic aggregates and efficient circuits minimizes losses and maximizes efficiency. The regeneration hydraulics feature ensures smooth and fast arm operation by recirculating hydraulic energy, preventing cavitation, and enhancing overall machine performance.


1. Bigger Bucket

Bigger Bucket

The Hyundai R150L SMART PLUS boasts the one of the biggest & heaviest bucket in its class. The excavator comes with two-bucket options 0.72 m³ for General Purpose Applications and 0.65 m³ Heavy Duty Applications. This improves the material handling capacity, reducing loading cycles and increasing the overall productivity of your project.

2. High Digging Forces

This excavator is equipped with superior hydraulics specifically designed to provide high digging forces. This means you can even handle the most challenging tasks with ease, making it a valuable asset for demanding excavation jobs.


1. One-Touch & Auto-Idle

One-Touch & Auto-Idle

For improving efficiency, this machine comes with two features to regulate engine RPM for high fuel efficiency. One is Auto Idle, that decreases engine RPM to an idle state when the machine remains for 4 seconds. The other is One-touch deceleration, that lowers the engine RPM immediately. Thus regulating engine performance and effectively reducing fuel consumption and operational costs.

2. Electro-Hydraulic Flow Control

Electro-Hydraulic Flow Control

The excavator features a Variable Displacement Axial piston-type pump with electro-hydraulic control, providing a wide range of flow at various workloads. This ensures optimal productivity, while the open-centre design of the main control valve ensures fast synchronisation between the joystick and hydraulic components, increasing the speed and smoothness of operations.


1. Cluster Machine Control Unit (CMCU)

Cluster Machine Control Unit (CMCU)

The machine is equipped with Cluster Machine Control Unit (CMCU). Its 7" intelligent display provides instant insights into machine health and its working parameters. Scheduled service intervals are recorded, ensuring your excavator is always in peak condition. Self-diagnostic helps in fast troubleshooting and high uptime.

2. Operator Comfort

Operator comfort is given utmost priority in the design of Hyundai excavators. The spacious cabin in R150L SMART PLUS offers a multi-adjustable operator seat, AC Cabin, ergonomically designed consoles and feather-touch joystick controls ensuring higher operator convenience, hence improved productivity and efficiency.


1. Longest Undercarriage

Longest Undercarriage

The Hyundai R150L SMART PLUS comes with the longest undercarriage in its class, providing enhanced stability for your operations. Structures made with low-stress, high-strength steel for bearing external shocks and heavy loads in most demanding jobs. Idler area reinforcement, 600mm track shoe, track guard on each side further enhances its durability

2. Reinforced Front Attachment

Reinforced Front Attachment

The excavator's boom and arm are manufactured with high-tensile strength steel, reinforced with steel bearings and internal baffle plates to maximise impact strength. Additional reinforcement bars on the arm further enhance the component's strength. Reinforcement done on bucket control link and casted bucket H-link used for further enhancing its durability.


1. Auto Engine Overheat Prevention

Hyundai machines are designed keeping safety as utmost priority. This feature is invaluable for maintaining the excavator's longevity, it monitors coolant temperature and automatically lowers engine speed to prevent overheating & safeguards against premature engine failure.

2. Anti-Restart & Master Switch

Anti-Restart & Master Switch

The master switch disconnects the machine's electrical system from the battery preventing its electrical aggregates and wiring harness from accidental damage. Anti-restart feature prevents the engine from restarting during operation if the start key is accidentally activated.

Application of Hyundai R150L SMART PLUS Excavator.

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  • Urban Infra
  • Stone Quarry
  • Road Construction
  • Earthwork
  • Sand Mining
  • Tunnel
  • Demolition


This excavator stands as a testament to our commitment to deliver high-performance construction equipment, a remarkable piece of machinery designed to excel in a wide range of applications, from land development and quarry works to construction and urban infrastructure projects. With its powerful engine, advanced hydraulics, enhanced productivity, high efficiency features, better operator convenience, durable structure and enhanced safety features; it is a versatile and reliable choice for customers in several industries.

Hyundai R150L SMART PLUS, a reliable partner that you can trust for your versatile work requirements.


Deepak Jindal

Product Marketing Manager

Deepak is the Senior Manager at Hyundai Construction Equipment India, with around 20 years of experience in the Construction Equipment industry. Deepak is involved in product marketing, product management and market research.

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